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For Sale By Owner

Representing Sellers in For Sale By Owner – Residential Real Estate Transactions.

For Sale by Owner – Columbus Ohio

When selling or buying a home without a real estate agent, the single best thing you can do is to team up with an experienced real estate attorney. James A. Zitesman, Attorney at Law is that person. Conveniently located in Dublin, Ohio, Mr. Zitesman has been helping buyers and sellers for over 20 years navigate the process of getting from contract to closing.

Without an attorney by your side, the process of buying or selling a home can be challenging.

However, with the experience of Mr. Zitesman, it really is not difficult at all. In fact, buying or selling real estate with the assistance of a lawyer can be a very cost-efficient alternative to the traditional method. While Mr. Zitesman does not take you to see houses or hold open houses for you, he offers clients legal representation and knowledge that can only be provided by a licensed attorney with years of experience.

Being a real estate litigation attorney who also represents clients in transactions enables Mr. Zitesman the ability to fully understand the potential legal issues which may arise from various situations involving every aspect of the residential transaction. The key is understanding problems that have resulted in trips to the courthouse instead of the closing table and knowing how to avoid them. The goal is for documents that reflect the desires of the clients and informed clients who understand the process and their legal rights.

Tips for a FSBO seller:

✅  Have a home inspection prior to putting the house on the market. Make all necessary repairs. Provide the inspection report and the receipts for repairs to your buyer. This helps to build trust, creates transparency as to your knowledge of the home, and should make for an easier time when the buyer conducts their own inspection.

✅  Find your title policy from when you bought the home and take it to the title agency you select to provide the title insurance and closing services as soon as you know you are going to put the house up for sale.

✅  Hire a staging consultant to help you prepare your house for sale. De-clutter. Clean out the garage and basement. Paint. Clean up the yard. Trim the bushes.

✅  Determine a marketing budget and strategy. Take lots of pictures and select the best ones. Create an online presence on Zillow, Trulia, or any other site you want. Buy a nice yard sign.

✅  Plan how you will interact with various people, such as real estate agents and buyers.

✅  Call Mr. Zitesman at 614-799-9494 for a free phone consultation to ask questions you might have.

Flat Fee Services for Residential Real Estate Transactions Only

Important terms regarding flat fee services

  • The above described services are for one property, one seller/landlord, and one buyer/tenant. For example, if the seller of 1234 Main St. contracts for Contract Review, it is for a contract involving one buyer, such as Buyer A. If Buyer A does not complete the transaction and seller contracts with Buyer B, reviewing the contract from Buyer B would not be covered under the Contract Review from Buyer A's contract.
  • The flat fee will be due before the commencement of the service. Once the Attorney has commenced work for the client, the flat fee shall be deemed to be earned in its entirety.
  • Any services provided outside of the explicit descriptions above, such as review of condominium declarations & bylaws or homeowner association documents, will be billed at the hourly rate of $300 per hour.
  • No attorney - client relationship shall be deemed to have formed until this document is signed by both the client and the attorney and the required fee has been paid.
  • The services provided by the Attorney are strictly limited as defined herein.

The flat fees quoted above are subject to change without notice, however, if this page is printed directly from this site, and has the corresponding site information on the bottom, the flat fees will be honored for 30 days after printing.

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