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Our Philosophy
  • Client focused – doing what is in the clients’ best interest
  • Personal service – clients get direct contact with attorney
  • Value oriented – it is not what is charged, but what is delivered that yields value
  • Limited practice areas – not the law practice for every need, but the one you need when faced with real estate litigation and residential transactions
Our Mission
Providing each client with personalized service in a practice dedicated to Real Estate Transactions and Litigation.


Litigation (lawsuits) involving real estate include breach of contract, failure to disclose conditions, liens, damage and destruction, and property (easement) rights.  I have written an article discussing fraud in residential real estate transactions with respect to latent and patent defects and the duty to disclose pursuant to Ohio Law and the Residential Property Disclosure Form. If you think you have been a victim of a seller who did not disclose defects that they knew about, or even worse, covered up, you should read the article or just call Mr. Zitesman to discuss your situation.

If you are being sued, or being threatened to be sued, you need experienced real estate litigation counsel.

The first step is to analyze your position based upon the available facts and the applicable Ohio Law.  Mr. Zitesman has significant experience with the Columbus Board of Realtors – Columbus Bar Association Residential Real Estate Purchase Contract.  If your dispute is related to a transaction in which the CBR-CBA Contract was used, please call 614-799-9494 for a free initial telephone consultation or click here for more information!

Selling or buying a home without a real estate agent is called For Sale By Owner or FSBO. For Sale By Owner does not mean you can’t have qualified representation, and that is where the experienced real estate attorney, James A. Zitesman, can help guide you through the process.

For a seller, Mr. Zitesman can help from before the house goes on the market all the way through the closing. For buyers, Mr. Zitesman will help make sure you understand your rights as they are provided in the Real Estate Purchase Contract and by Ohio law.

Since 2002, Mr. Zitesman has been an active participant in the drafting and revisions of the Real Estate Purchase Contract approved by the Columbus Realtors and the Columbus Bar Association. Mr. Zitesman’s in-depth knowledge of the Real Estate Purchase Contract and the relevant Ohio law is worth having on your side of the transaction.  Flat fee pricing for residential real estate transactions allows you to know up-front how much savings you will have over the commission charged by real estate agents. So, if you are thinking about a FSBO real estate sale or purchase, call Mr. Zitesman now for a free phone consultation to learn more about how you can benefit with a FSBO.

The residential transaction client benefits from the litigation experience by having seen the problems that buyers and sellers encounter from time to time. Of course, one of the best ways to avoid being involved in litigation is to be represented by an experienced real estate attorney from the beginning of the transaction.

Columbus, Ohio Real Estate Lawyer, James A. Zitesman brings years of experience to each and every client, helping to protect their rights.

Do not rely upon real estate agents or brokers to represent you beyond buying or selling a home. If there is a problem, you need a real estate attorney to help explain and protect your rights, something real estate agents and brokers are not trained or licensed to do. A single mis-statement, although well intentioned, may have significant ramifications. Promptly retaining legal representation is key.

Transactional services include:

  • For Sale By Owner does not mean you have to go it alone.
  • Flat fees are available for common residential transactions.
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Review
  • Closing Representation
  • Preventing problems and protecting the rights of clients.
  • New Home Construction Contract Arbitration
  • Spec or Inventory Home Purchase Contract negotiations
  • Lien removal from New Construction Homes
  • Breach of Contract Litigation
  • What you need to know about home inspections and how to effectively request remedies.
Watch the video to learn more about why you should use a real estate attorney in your next transaction or learn more by clicking here!


James A. Zitesman, Attorney at Law, provides each client with personalized service in a practice focused on Real Estate Transactions and Litigation.


James A. Zitesman

Attorney at Law

Representing clients in Franklin, Delaware, Madison, and Union Counties, with most litigation being in Franklin County. Often dealing with the issue of Breach of Contract concerning Real Estate transactions and defects in property.

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